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ne of the most popular places in Chile each summer, due to its stunning beauty and unlimited possibilities for touring it, is Patagonia. Particularly Torres del Paine National Park, offers visitors a way to appreciate part of this southern territory with incredible mountain postcards, trekking through its lenga forests, approaches to glaciers, or just a moment of tranquility in one of the most attractive places in our country….

We are referring to lightweight, quick-drying pants, socks that prevent injury and control moisture, warm base layers that keep us dry and cool, and a waterproof jacket.

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An important part to be able to enjoy any outdoor activity is the willingness we have at the moment we start our trip. We refer to change the “city” look and let ourselves be motivated by the place where we are. Therefore, the way we move around the place, the precautions we take when walking along the trails, the way we set up camp, and the clothes we choose, are essential to enjoy and stay comfortable, focused on practicing our sport.

Vestimenta Necesaria Para Trekking
Vestimenta Necesaria Para Trekking

What do I need for trekking?

We understand that there is a certain amount of necessary equipment that we must have when we start trekking in Torres del Paine Park and stay comfortable in spite of the weather conditions. We are referring to light, quick-drying pants, warm socks that prevent injuries and control humidity, base layers that keep us dry and cool, and a waterproof jacket. With these elements we can get ourselves ready and discover an incredible place!

Waterproof Jacket

Summer is usually associated with sun and heat, but in Patagonia it is a very unstable weather season, where we can find from sunny days to intense rains along windy days with low temperatures. To protect us from the humidity and strong winds of the season, we recommend a waterproof jacket but at the same time breathable, avoiding internal condensation and the sensation of humidity, with a hat for walks in the rain, underarm ventilation, and designed to allow us a wide range of movement and comfort.

Trekking pants

When looking for trekking pants, we should forget about our favorite jeans or try to adapt some pants from our closet. What should prevail when choosing this garment is that it should be light, quick-drying, abrasion-resistant and comfortable. Regularly, we can find options that transform into shorts, it could be convenient in places of variable temperature as Torres del Paine, where the option shorts and base layer pants can be an excellent choice for walking. Taking into account these factors, a lightweight pant, made of durable Nylon, with a comfortable cut, ensures that it will become our pants for all spring and summer outings.

Base Layers

A vital part of hiking the Torres del Paine W, with its long days trekking, is to stay dry, especially in resting moments to avoid getting chilled. Due to this, we should forget about cotton shirts in favor of synthetic materials or merino wool, which allows us to dry quickly since its fibers cannot retain moisture. For legs, as we already mentioned, walking with base layer pants and shorts may not be the most stylish option, but it is very comfortable. They also allow us to sleep wearing them and gain a few more degrees without discomfort due to excess clothing.

Trekking Socks

Usually, this is a clothing part to which we do not assign too much importance, but when we go out to the mountain and walk for hours through uneven terrain, taking care of feet becomes very important, indeed, this is what makes a complete and pleasant outing, avoiding blisters due to rubbing, fungus and wounds due to humidity or simply gaining comfort and warmth. Considering this, on a trip to Patagonia, we believe that it is necessary to distinguish between a trekking sock and another one to change when arriving at the camp, prioritizing warmth.

Considering these tips when selecting part of your equipment, all you have to do is prepare yourself to spend wonderful time surrounded by nature and sports, where the Magallanes region and the Torres del Paine Park are the perfect background for a great vacation!

Minimum recommended equipment:

  • Trekking shoes
  • 2 trekking socks and a warm sock
  • Trekking pants
  • Dry Fit long sleeve trekking shirt
  • Warm base layer shirt and camping pants
  • Warm jacket (fleece or synthetic jacket)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hat


The Aonikenks or Tehuelches were expert nomadic and terrestrial hunters who inhabited Patagonia. They hunted mainly guanaco and ñandu using bow, arrow and spear. Once the horse was harnessed during the 18th century, they extended their routes across the southern steppe and made new hunting tools, such as the bolas. They were the first people to have contact with the civilized world. The legend began in 1520, when Hernando de Magallanes arrived at San Julián Bay. Antonio Pigafetta, expedition’s chronicler, started the myth about the giant settlers of the end of the world. The name Patagón remained engraved in the navigators’ minds for centuries. The Patagones, today known as Aonikenks or Tehuelches, were tall and strong men and their average height reached 71 inches.

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