“Don Pascual" Restaurant & Quincho

The essence of our service is to rescue the Patagonia’s soul, giving every detail and flavor in our dishes.

Chef's comments

When a diner visits our restaurant, we want him to receive a great experience, rescuing the unique flavor characteristic of our Magellanic lands, its people and its customs. Placing in each service the Patagonian identity and great cuisine.

King Crab Chowder

Magellanic King Crab Pie, served on a clay plate, undoubtedly exquisite

Spit-Roasted Lamb

Slow-roasted spit lamb, a typical dish from Patagonia

Mixed Grill

Selection of regional meats: Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, served over a wood-fired grill

Grilled Tenderloin

250g beef tenderloin cut, with sides

Grilled Salmon

Piece of fresh Patagonian salmon, with sides

Soup of the Day

Soups made with seasonal vegetables, creams & soups.


Inquire with us about the varieties the chef has for the day


We offer a variety of sandwiches, from steak and tenderloin with sides to others of our chef’s specialty.

Dessert of the Day

Regional desserts with a special touch from our chef

Wine, Beer & Fresh Juices

We offer a selection of beverages according to your taste.


Between 07:00 and 09:30 we serve fresh and local products at our buffet. The best way to start your adventure!

Pastries & Croissants

Selection of sweets and croissants, made by us.


Whole wheat toast, homemade.


Selection of mature and fresh cheeses.


Selection of jams made with national and regional fruits.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit.

Tea or Coffee

Fine selection of various types of tea and whole bean coffee.

Milk & Yogurt

Selection of regional dairy products..


Selection of local producers.


Product crafted by our Chef, a selection of oats, chia, honey, nuts, and seeds.

Fresh Juice

Fresh juice from seasonal fruits.

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